Monday Wedgie: Nine West GoodRidden Wedges

Today, I thought we’d a little nod to the upcoming seasonal shift with a closed-toe wedge.

But, as per usual, it’s no ordinary-boring-time wedge, it’s got¬†details.

Monday Wedgie: Nine West Goodridden WedgesSwirly, paisley details! Thousands of tiny dots, enhancing your shoes one millimeter at a time.

Usually, I don’t really like patterned wedges – especially patterns with tiny details (read: not stripes), but these are okay with me. I think it’s the closed toe and the vibrant color – of which there are two to choose from:

Monday Wedgie: Nine West GoodRidden Wedges

I love closed toe wedges. They seem pretty uncommon when you compare to the number of wedge sandals and peep-toe wedges exist.¬†Closed-toe shoes make me feel more comfortable when I consider whether or not I could wear tights with them – I’m admittedly not fully on board with the tights & sandals thing… Maybe I’ll come around, but for now, closed-toe shoes are much more transitional when it comes to seasons, if you ask me! (Try wearing your flip flops in Seattle’s autumn! Hope you enjoy dirty rainwater foot soaks!)

These also come in black if you hate colors and sunshine.

Check it out!: Nine West GoodRidden Wedges, $59.99 (were $109)

Probably watching Netflix.