Monday Wedgie: Palermo Wedges

I know I’m late, okay, don’t rub it in.

I’m not weekday-ly-challenged, there was just… I was just… It’s not my fault. I was (am) sick, and I was sneezing a lot, and then the webserver was down until you all went to bed and then I was alone. Pointless day was pointless. But! We can step back into Monday… in our imaginations, yes? Is this patronizing enough? Just look at the wedges, already.

Have you tried out ShoeDazzle? It was actually co-founded by Kim Kardashian and has Rachel Zoe as its head stylist. When I first heard of it, I thought it was one of those “same price for everything,” monthly-subscription services, but I have since discovered I was wrong. Oh, so wrong. I also figured the shoes would be of poor quality and cheap, but I was wrong there, also. I have had a hard week, you guys. 

ShoeDazzle Palermo Wedges

But these make that week easier.

So in order to see the shoes on ShoeDazzle, you go through a style test (actually kind of fun) and they create a curated “showroom” based on your aesthetic preferences that gets updated every month! No subscriptions, no annoyances, no pressure to buy things, and best of all – they send out tons of coupons.  15% off, $25 off – really good stuff. I’ll have more to say about it, trust me!

I came across these colorful-but-versatile wedges (look up the “Palermo Wedge” – Olivia-related? – once you sign up for an account! Either way, totally attainable at $64) and love how they straddled the line between a full on wedge and a flatform. Looking super comfortable and adding bright color to an under-appreciated, color-neglected area makes for a happy Lindsay.

Try taking the ShoeDazzle test here!
Links to your favorites, please.

My showroom this month was full of neutral, graphic selections with bits of pastel mixed in – another way to manifest Happy Lindsay.

ShoeDazzle Showroom

Plus, as you probably guessed after that last image – they do bags! My bag recently turned against me and started ruining my clothes (ugh, I have so many post to make and so much to tell you guys), so I’m definitely in bag-hunting territory again.

This is going to be a shoe-heavy week, ladies & gentlemen, so please dress accordingly. I am working on a dedicated campaign with ShoeDazzle! But all opinions & selections are my own.

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