Monday Wedgie: PUMA Sky Wedge

This post has been a long time coming because I have been looking at these shoes for a long time.

PUMA was one of my favorite brands when I was in high school, and I had no fewer than three pairs of the super classic GV Specials in different color combinations. They were one of the brands I was loyal to from the start.

So, naturally, when they start cranking out wedge sneakers, I’m gonna pay attention. And get excited. A lot.

PUMA Sky WedgesOf course they are awesome, of course they have cool retro flare without going overboard, and of course they even have cool insides.

(or am I…?This color combination is the first I came across, and I honestly really like it. I’m not one for neon shoes ) but I love the cool, almost-muted blue against the neon. I could see these making an overcast day into an awesome day, and in Seattle, you need shoes like that.



I am also an unabashed fan of velcro, as my neighbors can attest to. Nothing makes you feel smart when you’re drunk like remembering you wore velcro shoes to the bar. That’s called wisdom, and for you, it’s free.

There are bundles of other color combinations, which you can see here:

Monday Wedgie: PUMA Sky Wedges

Other noteworthy favorites include: pink and beige, orange and grey, grey and white, & pink and black. Really, I’d wear each and every pair up there, but the ones I named, I would sleep in.

The other color combinations are priced between $70-$75, but the blue & neon yellow pair is at for $59.99aww, yeah! Not bad considering they’re usually about $100.

Check it out!: PUMA Sky Wedges, $59.99