Monday Wedgie: Report Tahlia Wedge Sandals

On the off-chance that you’d like to escape the summer heat by dressing up, attempting to apply cosmetics to your face, and stepping out in some heels – today’s Monday Wedgie is for you.

But I have to ask… why are you trusting your cosmetics?! This last week has taught me eyeliner and humidity are mortal nemeses that will go Peter Griffin vs. Chicken right on your face, resulting in a lovely Twiggy-style black line in your crease if not a completely un-sexy, smudgy look – all over your eyelid! Cool! I’ve been testing different ways of setting eyeliner/other-face-things so it’ll stay, but nothing has worked so far.

Do you have any secrets to getting your eyeliner/makeup to stay on throughout humid days?

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Pro Tip: The same thing happens when you get the brilliant idea to apply sunscreen to your eyelids…? So don’t do that. (What can I say? I am a machine that only produces bad decisions.) 

Anyway. Monday Wedgie.

Monday Wedgie: Report Tahlia Wedge Sandals

These looked like shoes that wouldn’t murder my feet, and had several applications.

It passed my “with jeans” test, and definitely the “with skirt/dress” test. These have my favorite, most flattering ankle strap style ever which earns major points with me because I flaunt my ankles loud & proud & often.

I’m not usually a bow person, but lately I’ve been feeling a little more lady-like, so the bow doesn’t make me want to reach for my seam ripper this time around. These didn’t really pass my “in autumn” test or my “walk in them for hours” test, but it did pass the “with tights” test because how good would that be? So good.

Monday Wedgie: Report Tahlia Wedge Sandals


I’ve had many a cork wedge in my past and I find myself in a love-hate relationship with them. On one hand, I think they are predictable and have the ability to make a cute upper look really cheap (not good cheap, bad cheap), and I’m not a fan of that… But at the same time, these are so freaking summery that cork is almost the only other material besides woven straw that make sense. They’re owning the “on the boardwalk” thing, so the cork also passes my “how much do you hate cork?” test.

Check it out!: Report Tahlia Wedge Sandals, $27.62

Don’t forget to leave your “makeup stay on face for long time” secrets in the comments!

Probably watching Netflix.