Monday Wedgie: Sam & Libby Sonia Wedges

Last week, an awesome reader suggested that we find a Monday Wedgie that is super saucy, and super easy-to-walk-in. So this week, we have a wedge from Target that isn’t only under $35, it’s also under 3″.

Sam & Libby Sonja Wedge

Pastel pink and grey snakeskin go so well together, and these have great “keep you in” straps (which, as you’ll recall, I have issues with). These aren’t too colorful, either, so they can be nice & neutral, skirts or jeans or whatever you’ve got will be awesome-er with these, guaranteed (not guaranteed). (But not because I don’t believe it, just because I have a “guarantees” thing.)

Check it out!: Sam & Libby Sonia Wedge Sandals, $34.99