Monday Wedgie: Steve Madden Clyde Wedges

It’s another wedgie with the ankle strap I’m obsessed with. I swear, every time I post one of these shoes, I say this because it’s true: so. fucking. flattering.

Monday Wedgie: Steve Madden Clyde Wedges

They look tall and gigantic, sure, but you have to remember that the platform is going to make that heelĀ much easier to climb around in. No matter how you slice it, though, you’re still 5″ off the ground, and that kind of artificial height is definitely not for everyone. Even with a 1.5″ platform. It is for me, though. Soooo for me.

TheĀ gold… It’s so entrancing! I don’t know what has made me hover so closely to metallic shoes over the last several months – maybe because it’s the flashiest possible neutral and therefore the one I should always pick. Sequins are neutrals, too, guys! Follow my ~fashion rules~ because they’re better.

Check it out!: Steve Madden Clyde Wedges, $39.94 from DSW


Probably watching Netflix.