Monday Wedgie: The Trey Espadrilles (With Bonus Politic-Talk!)

My weakness for stripes is particularly weak in the summertime, what with all of the obscenely kitschy “stripes on a boat” and “stripes on a beach” opportunities and all.

When I saw these Trey Espadrilles on sale at the newly-forgiven-by-me Anthropologie, I knew they would be the perfect reintroduction to the brand.*

Monday Wedgie: Anthropologie Trey Espadrilles

Stripes aside, I really like all the little details about these: the varying stripe patterns (chevrons on the laces, sketchy lines on the upper), the beads at the end of each lace, the trim of leather around the bottom of the platform… Nice neutral colors in a graphic layout mean these are statement shoes that can be worn with most things – even loud stuff like neon would look awesome against these texture-party wedges.

The discount is pretty hefty on this one! Only $49.95 marked down from… $178. Yeah. Good stuff.

Check it out!: Trey Espadrilles from Anthropologie, $49.95

Trigger Warning: Politics.

*I haven’t purchased anything from them since the co-founder of parent company, URBN [of Urban Outfitters and Free People fame], was found to have contributed thousands of dollars to anti-gay politicians while selling t-shirts that appropriate and fetishize LGBTQ* groups. That was over 4 years ago, and I’m ready to accept that the personal actions and morals of a staunch Republican cannot be smashed together with the company they work for.

I do a lot of thinking about ethical fashion & shopping, and have to concede that Richard Hayne’s personal contribution can’t really be attached to Urban Outfitters, or the companies under it. (Though Urban Outfitters did make a $4k contribution to Rick Santorum, which was separate from Richard Hayne’s personal contribution. Yeah, the guy who said homosexuality is the same thing as letting someone marry a goldfish.)

I’m still not interested in shopping at Urban Outfitters for their crappy judgement in products, insensitivity to LGBTQ* groups, gratuitous amount of cultural appropriation, and their rampant exploitation of independent artists via copyright infringement over the last decade. And Free People is one of the worst about cultural appropriation, so I’m not really into them, either. Yeah.

But Anthropologie… seems to have steered clear of a lot of URBN’s drama. Thus, I forgive you for a probationary period, Anthropologie. Don’t screw it up.

Probably watching Netflix.

3 thoughts on “Monday Wedgie: The Trey Espadrilles (With Bonus Politic-Talk!)

  • July 29, 2013 at 7:47 pm

    Love that you are being honest about your choices on where to shop/not shop. I do agree that Anthropologie is the least bad of the empire – however, they are the most expensive haha.

    And Urban Outfitters and Free people, I agree, are the WORST when it comes to appropriation of indigenous cultures. The WORST.

    • July 30, 2013 at 12:18 pm

      Yes! There is also a good reason why I can’t talk about Forever 21 on this blog… I could go on for DAYS about their whoooooole business, but it’s just too negative, haha. They cover all the bases of things I HATE about fashion, and especially fast fashion. Blech.

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