Monday Wedgie: Tildon Deanna Wedge

This winter is really having a minimalist effect on me. I’m so drawn to super-neutrals like black, white and grey, and gravitating towards more textures than patterns and colorful prints.

The texture of the embossing on these Tildon “Deanna” Wedges stopped me in my tracks. Contrasting off of that bright shock of white – so swoon-inducing.Tildon Deanna WedgesIt’s one hell of a heel, but that arch and those lines are hypnotizing. Shiny white leather on grey, textured embossing? Yum. These also come in all black, if you’re really interested in simplicity, but the texture porn isn’t nearly the masterpiece that these are.

I know white shoes seem kind of scary, but if you’re smart about it, you can keep them looking really new and un-scuffed/clean. It really is as simple as checking the weather in advance and maybe thinking through your transportation options! For these? I’m going to say it’d be worth it.

Check it out!: Tildon “Deanna” Wedges, $46.86

Probably watching Netflix.