Monday Wedgie: While You Wait Wedge

Have you ever seen a shoe that more perfectly encapsulated fall? Closed toe, cocoa leather, satin ties, wooden wedge… It’s all so cold-weather-y!

Monday Wedgie: While You Wait Wedge from Modcloth

I had a pair of shoes like this when I was in high school, and they legitimately went with¬†everything. These are much nicer (mine were very 90s and had a clunky, chunky, rounded-square toe and a square heel – yeah, no thanks), but what I learned from the experience is that shoes like these add an almost vamp-y, coquettish vibe to whatever you’re wearing. Of that, I am totally a fan.

I was shocked to see that these were not only affordable, but they are available in the majority of regular sizes! Considering they’re from ModCloth, that’s pretty surprising. Inventory seems to move pretty damn quick over there.

Check it out!: While You Wait Wedge, $69.99 at ModCloth

Probably watching Netflix.