Monday Wedgie: Studded Ankle Boots

Going along with the tough & comfortable theme from this morning, I thought these oh-so-badass studded wedge ankle boots would be a suitable Monday Wedgie.

sugar Studded Wedge Ankle Boots from Kohls

The buckles are killing me. (In a good way.) I have a buckle fetish and these boots, with their metallic sheen and 16+ places I could cut myself… they’re really buttering my waffle iron. The heel is only 3″, too, so I could walk at an incline without losing my mind and/or balance.

Plus, they’re on sale for about 40% off, which puts them nicely under $40. Not bad for something you could wear with pretty much everything! I can’t be the only one who would wear them with everything, right?


Check it out!: sugar Studded Ankle Wedge Boots, $35.97 at Kohl’s


Probably watching Netflix.