My Favorite: Inky Florals

I have found solace in the arms of button-downs. Oversized button downs are some of my new, favorite staples. I never thought I’d be the type to go for such… coverage, but I absolutely get it, now. Tucking them into things makes people confused because you look so conservative, but swear all the time.

Surprisingly, I’m not remotely interested in the menswear-ness of button-downs. The pinstripes and the weird little geometric patterns are really, really boring to me. It’s too bad, because the fast fashion industry has been shoving “menswear is a trend!!1” down our throat just about as long as they’ve been telling us about the safari and military trends.

The first button-down I ever fell in love with was this smoke-printed top by Alexander McQueen. Only a girl on a budget would fall for such an investment piece, right? Well, in case it’s not obvious, I didn’t buy it, and I’ve been moderately disenchanted by the button-down styles I’ve been seeing since.

That is… until this crossed my view:

Inky Button Down Shirt

Asymmetrical “Floral” White Shirt, $34.99

That is the most underwhelming name for the most gorgeous shirt ever. The back is just as stunning, as the floral, inky bits flow right out of your armpits and down the side of the shirt. It’s like a pit-stain rash of flora and fauna. AKA Beautiful.