Offbeat Basics: Baseball Tee

I’m of the opinion that baseball tees, or raglan tees, are some of the most under-appreciated, under-utilized garments around.

Whether they’re simple and blank on the front, or covered with a random logo from a random company that may or may not have sponsored the baseball team that you may or may not have played on… they’re excellent wardrobe staples. Granted, they’re going to make whatever you’ve got 50% more casual, but in a way that isn’t boring or expected. Thus, making them a perfectly Offbeat Basics. One of my favorite shirts of all time has baseball sleeves!

baseball shirt and skirt

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Luna D.

First of all, they’re cheap as hell. They’re a step above a ribbed tank or v-neck, but you can still find them for under $10 at most sporting goods stores.

They are simultaneously classic and funky. A little bit vintage, a little bit chilled-out-minimalist. It’s ideal for someone who likes the retro idea without all the gross, kitschy crap that comes along with it. baseball-tee

Rebecca S.

They take to accessories pretty well, and come in different sleeve lengths and cuts to fit your preferences. I have enjoyed more form-fitting tees as well as a looser fit, and I love them both equally. I will say that I favor the 3/4 sleeve styles the most because I feel like they add some extra interest, and I’m not constantly pushing my sleeves up, which is nice for a change!

Budget-Friendly Baseball Tees

L-R: H&M+ Raglan Tee (2 colors), $12.95; J. Crew Linen Baseball Tee (2 colors), $34.50; H&M Raglan Top, $12.95; Aeropostale 3/4 Raglan Tee (4 colors), $10.

I’d love to have a collection of several different color combinations so I could add it to pretty much anything. Making fancy things casual and comfortable is definitely my thing, so the more, the merrier.

Budget-Friendly Raglan T-Shirts

L-R: Nollie Raglan Top (2 colors), $26.95; Hurley Solid Perfect Raglan (4 colors), $27; Chenault Knit Raglan Top, $32.99

My favorite way to wear them is with a skater skirt, or with a pair of tuxedo pants.

How do you wear baseball tees?


Probably watching Netflix.

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