Obsession-Worthy Winter Sweaters Under $50

There is nothing better than an out-of-the-dryer sweater on a cold morning – but that’s about as rare as Sasquatch, because who is going to be up early enough to do an entire load of laundry and still be sleepy and cold enough to really enjoy it? Sadly, it’s the unicorn of the comfort fashion world, but sweaters alone are still pretty great.

Cozy Winter Sweaters


Clockwise, from top left:

Berry Chunky Mesh Jumper, $49

This has been hanging out on my wishlist for a few days now, and makes me feel cozy when I look at it. It also has a monochrome counterpart, but the easy red & cream combo feels nice, relaxed, and the just versatile enough to last years without being boring.

Grey Mini Hearts Jumper, $49

I am not a cutesy-hearts person at all, but the simple pattern of these hearts over a nice, heather grey background just kind tugs at my, um, heartstrings. Plus, the occasional studded heart outline makes it a little extra intriguing!

Cream Ombre Jumper, $49

In our How To Wear Neon Sneakers┬ápost, a lot of you swooned over a cream & black, ombre sweater on one of the girls in the photos. I’m please to say that this one is perfectly shaped, and perfectly dyed – just in reverse!

Navy Love Birds Jumper, $49

Something about this ultra-traditional take on a knitted sweater makes me feel really comfortable and cozy! This is how I like to do “girly.”

Cozy Winter Sweaters under $50

Clockwise, from top left:

Khaki Open Stitch Jumper, $49

This one has also been sticking around my wishlist for a while. Why? Pretty much 100% because of the open weave + sleeve length. I love that something so grungey has such conservative and modest sleeves.

Navy Colorblock Pocket Knitted Tunic, $35

I added this in here because my first thought upon seeing it is “only need leggings & boots.” That’s reason enough for me to recommend something, sorry.

Stone Spot Button Cardigan, $30

Polka dots are everywhere, and something like a cardigan is a perfect showcase for such a timeless pattern.

If you’re wearing a sweater, you have to leave a comment and tell me what it looks like.

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  • I love that first sweater with the different colored sleeves! Such a great piece!

    xx Kait