Rear View: Verdant Virtuoso Dress from ModCloth

Rear Views aren’t just for shoes, folks. I came across a dress today that solidified the existence of this feature: the Verdant Virtuoso dress.

Verdant Virtuoso Front


Boldly green, and coyly deceptive, the front of this frock looks utterly boring and… well, mostly green. Turn it around, and you have an intricate weave of tonal straps, criss-crossing over a open-sorta-back.

Verdant Virtuoso Dress Rear View


I can’t help but notice that this dress looks like it does amazing things for the Ass Department. You seein’ what I’m seein’?

Check it out!: Verdant Virtuoso Dress from ModCloth, $72.99


  • Courtney

    That’s a bit too much for me! LOL