Wire Not: Retro night lights made from pinball games

When I think back to my childhood bedroom (the glorious palace of playtime that it was), I can remember the constant presence of a night light. I have had an overactive imagination since I was a kid, and I have distinct memories of the creatures that I assumed were just biding their time under my bed and in my closet during daylight hours until nightfall when they would undoubtedly… do… something.

Obviously this rarely came to fruition, but the power of a night light never left me. It was a beacon, a totem, a talisman against evil – and that’s pretty noteworthy, if you ask me.

But we all grew out of them, didn’t we? Night lights weren’t cool by the time you had your own locker at school. They definitely weren’t cool by the time anyone came over to your house for anything other than a slumber party.

It’s a real shame, if you ask me. Night lights offer a very individual, unique luminescence in a room. I mean, on top of the obvious magical properties, they are also indicative of personality – either your personality, or the room’s. (If you’re not decorating rooms based on their individual personalities, I really suggest giving it a try.)

Pinball Machine Night Light by Wire Not

Let’s pass up the Tinkerbelle-esque fairies and the teddy bears, though, ok? Maybe we can reach for something more along the lines of Wire Not‘s line of retro-inspired (and upcycled) night lights.

Wire Not Pinball Upcycled Night Lights

On top of the obvious ethical bonus of upcycling, having one of these in your house will undoubtedly ward off any anti-pinball demons like “machines that give you quarters for dollars” and “the guy who owns the arcade.”

Each night light is $15 as is available at Wire Not?’s Etsy shop.

Probably watching Netflix.