Right Off The Runway: Contrasting Black & White

Seems simple, doesn’t it? Black. White. Mix together to create contrast.  Well, it is that simple, but if you want to “do” black + white like today’s designers are “doing” black + white, you may want to reign it in and put some thought into geometric shapes, mixing modern fabrics, and genre-bending styles.

I have long been a fan of contrasting ideas in design (like a solid white, minimalistic, porcelain vase in the shape of a crafty hipster’s face) because the idea of contrasting elements makes me think of fun. It makes me feel like I’m playing a game. Pairing motorcycle boots with a silk dress, rough waxed jeans with a frilly blouse, or sleek & modern silverware with mix’n’matched vintage plates. It all feels like poking fun at an all-too-serious idea, and what could be a better use of your adult life than that?

Black & White - Spring/Summer 2013 Trends

Everything from pant-suits to separates to… whatever you call those leather leg-cuff things… is being done in sharp black and white.  It can be serious and business-face, in the form of tailored outfits, or you can get a little more silly and – dare I say, whimsical with it.

Spring Trends 2013: Black & White

This “trend” would be a great one for someone who wants to get more involved with fashion & the styles of the season, but doesn’t want to get too risky, too fast. 

The nice thing about this spring trend is a) there are only two colors involved and they’re pretty specific, b) you likely have a closet containing several black, white, and/or black & white items and c) it’s kind of foolproof. I mean, you can run the risk of ending up looking like a chessboard or a colorblind Jackson Pollock refuse.

Here are a few ways to try out the black + white trend:

Black & White | Spring 2013 Trends

Dress: Wallis Black Spot Print Dress, $70
Tights: Ribbed Grey Sweater Tights like these from Merona ($12)
Shoes: Nine West Allmine Wedges, $39.99
Jacket: LC Lauren Conrad Denim Motorcycle Jacket, $40.80

Black & White

Top: W118 by Walter Baker Chiffon Top, $48.60
Pants: Panel Matte Wet Look Leggings, $44
Shoes: Nine West Comearound Heels, $47.99
Top Ring: Topshop Reversible Stone Ring, $15
Bottom Ring: House of Harlow 1960 Sunburst Ring, $45

Black & White Outfits

Sweater: Wallis Cream Knitted Sweater, $42
Skirt: Topshop Love Tube Skirt, $45
Tights: Topshop Check Cage Tights, $16
Boots: Charlotte Russe Western Boot, $42.50
Watch: ASOS Cross Strap Watch, $35.18
Necklace: Large Pixelated Heart Necklace, $30

Are you a fan of black & white together?

  • I just fangirled over that “LOVE” skirt,which I weird because I don’t particularly like clothes with words on them. The skirt is just fun, yet sophisticated.

    • I agree – the shape of the skirt really highlights the sophisticated side of it!