Seeds: A Warmly Spiced Home

There is nothing better than having good, spicy candles burning, a warm living room, and nothing to do. That is true luxury, I swear. Hence, this palette on Design Seeds definitely struck a chord of nostalgia – and immediate need.

Winter on the top floor of an old brick building isn’t as fun as it sounds, guys. It’s cold up here, and these 500 year old heating systems just aren’t filling my house with as much winter coziness as I require. Fortunately, the answer might be found by switching up my color palette. 

Spiced Color Palette

Aptly named “Spiced Palette,” it has all the components of coziness embedded within it – including that super warm, rusty orange and eggplant. I love those colors together, and I had no idea until I saw this color palette!

Purple and orange has recently been a very popular color combination for weddings. It works perfectly because the deep purple, even when it’s vibrant, is going to tone down the orange. Not to mention, the rustier the orange gets, the cozier the colors become. The super-dark blue and lighter gray and purple are really easy on the eyes as highlights, and aren’t too jarring. It makes for a very visually pleasing sight!

orange and purple kitchen


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Don’t be intimidated by these colors! It’s not exactly easy to find  a whole bunch of eggplant accessories, unfortunately – trust me, I’ve tried. Finding accents that reflect the kind of colorful, vibrant vibe as these spaces requires a tiny bit of a design eye – if you’re dressing yourself in a way that you sorta-like, you’ve got enough of one to make a room look beautiful.

Finding similar shades of these colors (a lighter orange or darker purple, etc.) can give off the same punch vibe again furniture and decor you already own. Just remove your current eye-catching pieces, and replace them with a few high-voltage objects like the ones below – it’ll mix up your whole room!

Spiced Palette for interior design

Clockwise from top left:

Which room in your house would look best when decked out these colors?

  • I Love this! I have always wanted to be able to paint darker walls. It is one of my plans for the future when I live somewhere that allows this.