[Small Space] Warm & White

Adding a chandelier to your tiny bedroom sure does perk it up, doesn’t it?

Small Space: Chandelier Bedroom

Not a bad place to rest your head, right? It just goes to show what a few pieces of cleverly-selected furniture can really make a tiny room feel luxurious.

My favorite parts of this room are:

1) How unbelievably fluffy the bed looks. This can be accomplished with an epic down (or down alternative) comforter covered in a duvet. The grey throw on the foot of the bed makes my feet warm and ties many aspects of the room together. (Can you imagine the bed without that throw? Not as good, not as good!)

2) The bold, graphic wall art. Namely, the typographical sign in the right corner and the newsprint art on the left side of the window. There’s not a stitch of which space in either image. This makes for a very bold and “standy-outy” wall accent!

3) White mixed with warm colors is a way underused combo (but, um, you could say I’m biased). I like the warm light in the corner (and that’s one of my favorite styles of floor lamp – the tripod!) and lots of warmly-toned, extra-squishy furniture makes for a very inviting space.

See more of this space:

4) Gauzy curtains are my favorite! They provide a little diffusion without robbing you of glorious, natural light. They also do a good job of highlighting any cool, vintage (aka second-hand) curtain rods you might have.

What do you think of this space?

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