Summer Kicks, Style & 25% Off at ShoeDazzle

Sick of me talking about shoes yet? Didn’t think so! Especially not now that it’s “officially summer,” and thus, the weather has no excuse not to cooperate.

In my world, lots of sun translates into “get those socks away from me” and I usually spend most of it in my trusty flip flops (which I will be replacing this year…) and my trusty TOMS (maybe even that Monday Wedgie). This year, though, I’ve already invested in a new pair of Sam Edelmen shoes which I lovingly refer to as my “Disco Ball Shoes” and have been completely enamored to ShoeDazzle’s various, spontaneous sales and coupons and forced discount-taking. I know that’s a lot of adjectives and assertions, but I’m not exaggerating.

You might be tired of hearing about the style quiz, but that’s too bad, because I’m not done talking about it. See, I got stuck on one part of it for a long time. I was sitting, staring blankly at the screen for about 7.4 minutes. (Clearly not exaggerating, once again.)

Here, let me show you:

ShoeDazzle Quiz Step 4

This is the fourth step of the ShoeDazzle Style Quiz (it’s a short little survey to get a feel for your style, which generates your curated showroom! So much less overwhelming than most online shoe megaplexes).

J.Lo, Blake Lively, Zoe Saldana, and Heidi Klum. I’m supposed to pick one to represent me? Impossible.

Look at that weird, lime green dress on Blake Lively’s second photo – it’s brilliant. It’s strange and it’s brilliant. But then look at Heidi Klum’s polka-dot, kimono-sleeved dress! I want that! See also: Zoe Saldana’s everything. Why does she look so good always?

And then there’s J.Lo. Her wardrobe inflicts me with little to no worry.

…But the rest! How am I supposed to choose? Is it overall-score-based, or just on the outfits, alone? Also, where is Daphne Guinness? I have so many unanswered questions and not enough time to deliberate.

I think the right choice for me is Zoe Saldana. She looks awesome in all the shapes she chose, and I like her “minimalist without losing sass” approach to fashion. She wears what she likes, damn the rest! I’m into it.

To those of you who are laughing at my very First World Problem approach to getting this quiz to be as accurate as possible: you can stuff your laughs in a sack, because I am about to clean. up. with ShoeDazzle. Why, you ask? Because they give 25% off to anyone who takes the quiz.

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So now I have to figure out which one of those beyond-affluent, 10-sizes-smaller-than-me ladies represent my style AND figure out how to spend my riches? It’s a tough Tuesday. But I’m resilient, and super tough, so let’s… shop?

(PS – You can see my ShoeDazzle-curated showroom here!)

Surprisingly enough, many of my selections for summer sandals aligned with the picks from ShoeDazzle’s Chief Stylist, Rachal Zoe. She’s got her picks organized by Californian cities (Malibu, Santa Monica, Sunset Plaza, and Hollywood & Vine), and I guess my taste is literally all over the map.

A few of Chief Stylist, Rachel Zoe’s sandal picks:

SHOEDAZZLE SANDALS - Rachel Zoe's Favorites

L-R: Trieste, Gally, Aliza

These all come in multiple color combinations for completely different looks. Sometimes I only like the “bones” of a shoe, but the color choices just put me off, bigtime. This is not a problem here, at all! (You can also tell ShoeDazzle your preferred size, heel height, and heel shape to help it fine-tune!) The best part is that they’re all under $50 – the two flats are under $40! Yummy.

And that’s all before your 25% off. See why I can’t stop talking about it?

What was your favorite sandal from your showroom? Oh, and WHO DID YOU PICK in your quiz?

Someone else needs to tell me that was really difficult for them, too, because I need to feel better about it.

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