Summer Pant [& Short!] Suits for Less Than $160

Is it just me, or are matchy-matchy suits becoming not-cheesy? For some reason, when I come across an editorial or street style photo of a lady in a matching blazer and shorts/pants – it just works. Maybe it’s the intoxication of summer or just the intoxication of fashion, in general… But I’m really feelin’ it.

I had to buy a suit once. It’s true! This pajama-wielding, ass-sitting, foul-mouthed gal attended events which required suit purchases. Granted, I was in the 10th grade and the event was a DECA competition (second place in state – damn right!) – but I needed a suit nonetheless. Mine was purchased from EXPRESS and did absolutely nothing for me, physically. It was such a lackluster purchase that I believe all components were eventually lost on a bus. Two separate occasions. No, I don’t know how it happened. Don’t think so many questions!

What I do remember favorably about my suit was the way it made me feel. Ask Barney Stinson – a suit can change your life, if you wear it instead of let it wear you. Seeing this put-together look more frequently has made me crave the power confidence that accompanies one of these matchy getups.

Back to the downsides of suits for one last discussion point: the price. My suit was not cheap, despite my menial 14 year old needs. Ask anyone in a “suits every day” occupation and they will tell you that it’s not easy to find a suit that fits into a tiny budget. Although most suits come with two separate parts (equalling numerous interesting outfits when mixed with your regular closet), the individual pieces may still be overkill on your wallet.

…But there’s hope! I have found seven suits that you can purchase for less than $150.

I know, I know – sounds like a lot. That includes one blazer and one… bottom. Some are shorts (hot, fresh, glorious for spring & summer) and some are accompanied by pants (classic, versatile, no shaving of legs necessary), but all of them can make it into your closet for less than $150!

Patterned Suit from Mango

Patterned Jacquard Jacket, $99.99 | Patterned Shorts, $49.99

Patterned short suits are just about as current as you could possibly get. This pattern is nice and geometric without being too bold – it works great as a statement as a neutral.

ZARA Linen Suit

Linen Marl Blazer, $89.90 | Linen Marl Trousers, $59.90

I want everything linen! ZARA has so much good linen stuff right now, and this classically cut suit is at the top of my wish list.

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Wallis Pale Pink Short Suit

Wallis Pale Pink Tailored Jacket, $115 | Wallis Pale Pink Tailored Shorts, $52

*Ahh! My math has failed me. This set isn’t under $160, but it’s damn near. I couldn’t resist the color. Or the cut. Or those weird wings on the sides of the shorts.

ZARA Pinstripe Suit


ZARA Pinstripe Blazer, $89.90 | ZARA Pinstripe Pants, $59.90

Speaking of classic suits – what’s better than pinstripe?

Mango Boucle Tuxedo Short Suit


Mango Bouclé Tuxedo Blazer, $109.99 | Mango Bouclé Shorts, $49.99

The texture of this set is so rich and unique – I’d love to get my hands on it! I can’t stop thinking about all the outfits that these separates would create.

ZARA Linen Wrap Suit

ZARA Linen Long Jacket, $89.90 | ZARA Cropped Linen Trousers, $59.90

And now, for something a little different… This cut reminds me of men’s kimonos in Japan, and I feel like it has a very relaxed and cool vibe to it. See also: really comfortable. 

ZARA Wide Stripe Suit

ZARA Wide Striped Blazer, $89.90 | ZARA Wide Striped Trousers, $59.90

Who can resist some black & white striped pant suits? My love for this look is still going strong, but even if you’re not trying to be super bold – these striped are a bit faded, so the Beetlejuice-y graphic look will be subdued.

Which of these suits would you wear to work?