Sunglasses in Winter

I feel like I need sunglasses more often in the wintertime than I do in summertime. Everything seems much brighter and migraine-inducing than it does in the summertime. If there’s snow? Forget about it, I’m hiding behind the darkest sunglasses I can find for as long as necessary.

Sunglasses in WInter

Jag Lever

Recently, I read something that said people who have blue eyes tend to be more sensitive to light. I am a blue girl, myself, and would probably be dead or at the very least, a cave-dwelling hermit without sunglasses in my life. I have at least two pairs on me at all times, and one pair in the car. The thing is, regardless of how often I use them, I almost never think about them as an accessory – especially in winter.

That’s definitely changing today! When it’s warm out, I change my sunglasses from day to day to go with whatever I’m wearing. The idea of super-dark sunglasses during winter not only makes my aesthetics happy, but my eyes also think that sounds like a great idea. I’m also interested in dark aviators, and may be brave enough to experiment with some mirrored lenses…

Winter Sunglasses under $25

1. Smash Thora Vintage Deadstock Sunglasses, $12
2. ASOS Retro Mirrored Sunglasses, $21.78
3. Sweet Viper Shades, $20
4. Smash Vandy Vintage Deadstock Sunglasses, $12
5. Smash Esprit Vintage Deadstock Sunglasses, $12
6. Quay Retro Sunglasses, $22.80
7. ASOS Blue Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses, $21.78
8. ASOS Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses, $21.78