Surprising Combo: Ombre + Sequins

Sometimes, when you smash a bunch of current styles together, it results in something we’ve always referred to as a trend clusterf*!@. This happens when you take trends like neon, crochet, and crop tops and smash them all together into one garment – aka not good.  Maybe it’s the magic of the season, or perhaps just dumb luck, but one smash-up I happen to thoroughly enjoy…?

Ombre sequins.

Sequins and ombre – it looks good almost always. Really, this post could be about [reflective surface] ombre because it looks great on nails or with glitter, paillettes, or any twinkly, sparkly material. I like shiny, ok? ASOS-Sequin-Dress

Warehouse Ombre Sequin Shift Dress, $123.13

 Plus Size Sequin Ombre Sweatshirt

American Rag Striped Sequin Top (+size!), $46.99

Lulu Townsend Ombre Sequin Clutch

Lulu Townsend Ombre Sequin Clutch, $39.95


Do you like how these trends play together?