Target’s labworks Collection

A few months ago, I started noticing something different during my routine examination of Target’s offerings. I know that there are a kazillion brands on Target’s current lineup that a new one should really just be a drop of water in this deep, financially-accessible ocean, but this one was a little different. Namely, it was more dramatic than your typical Mossimos and your Meronas. A little edgy, but still… well, still a piece of fashion from Target.

This collection, I’d later deduce with my impressive repertoire of Googling skills, is a Target collection called labworks.

Target's "labworks" Collection

labworks Sweater Maxi Dress ($49.99) & labworks Long Sleeve Peplum Jacket ($44.99)

Target's "labworks" Collection

labworks Sleeveless Open-Back Sweater ($29.99) overtop labworks Sleeveless Chiffon Tank Top ($29.99)

There’s not a lot of ditsy floral prints, or ironic cat shirts to be found here. (55% of my readership just lost interest in this post.)  The good news is that this collection is pretty damned attractive, and also available in plus sizes! Oh, and the vast majority is under $50, and it’s all under $60. Not too shabby, right?

They seem to be pretty big fans of colorblockingneonspeplumsasymmetry, and cut-outs. These are all things I find acceptable. I’m not that big on cutouts, but if they’re done right, I can definitely get behind it.

Here are some of my favorite pieces:

Favorites from the labworks Target Collection

  1. Short Sleeve Sweater Dress, $44.99
  2. V-Neck Printed Romper, $39.99
  3. Chiffon Crepe Shorts, $29.99
  4. Peplum Top, $29.99
  5. Long Sleeve Peplum Jacket, $44.99


What do you think of the labworks Collection?
Would you wear it?