The winner of the Pretty Smitten giveaway is…

When I got home from New York last week, I was so excited to see that I had a package from Pretty Smitten waiting for me!



After the Pretty Smitten iPhone case giveaway closed, they offered to send me a set of their notepads, personalized with my selected colors and monogram. (It’s not extra-fancy, it’s just what they do.) I would have snagged an iPhone case for myself, but it wouldn’t do me much good as I’m an Android girl.

…but I’ve always been addicted to stationery. You can never have enough! Since I got to pick my colors, I took inspiration from B&B and went with a peachy-pink. I love almost any pastel color when paired with black, white and grey, so those were the colors I submitted. The “L” obviously stands for “Left-handed people are awesome” but it looked tacky with “L-HPAA” – like the name of a medicated cream or something.


If you look hard, you can see the super-faint chevron pattern on the paper.

Anyway, I’m in love with them. Not only does it bear my own, very fancy initial, but I was surprised at the weight of the paper inside – it will withstand a Sharpie with minimal bleeding! This bodes well for me because there’s nothing I hate more than a lightly crumpled piece of paper. This stuff would make a badass paper plane.

I figured this was also the best time to announce…

The winner of the Pretty Smitten giveaway:


Congratulations, Joanna! I will be contacting you shortly.

That’s it for this round of Free Stuff from Broke & Beautiful but stay tuned because there’s always going to be a “next time!”