Tunesday: Sabzi Raps About Pho

There is nothing more friendly to a broke girl’s stomach than pho. You can fill your entire stomach with a dazzling array of proteins and… other things… for less than $7 on a daily basis. Not only that, but it’s pretty much ready for you as soon as you get there. Everything about pho is perfect and if you disagree, you can escort yourself to another website because I don’t even know how to talk to you.

Seattle, as a city, understands this. We have pho on nearly every corner, and I pity anyone who isn’t in the same situation.

wassup pham pho 99

Sabzi, one of my favorite hometown producers (and half of the genius behindĀ Seattle hip-hop group, Blue Scholars), knows good pho. He loves that shit. He loves it so much he wrote a song about it, and took to the mic and rapped about it. Wassup Pham / Pho 99 basically educates you about the traditional Vietnamese noodle soup, instructs you how to eat it, and then tells you where to find it in Seattle. This song is a chilled out, hip hop version of Seattle’s Guide to The Best Pho.

And now: WASSUP PHAM / Pho 99 by one of Seattle’s finest tall drinks of water, Sabzi.

You can buy any of Sabzi’s mixtapes and releases on his website (about $6 each from what I see) and definitely follow him & Blue Scholars on Facebook & Twitter (& Soundcloud, if you use it)!

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Also, if you’re in love with pho as much as I (we?) are (yeah I’m making me and Sabzi into a “we” situation), you can purchase the pho-glorifying posters for your home, office, or maintenance garage.

Pho Poster by Sabzi


Pho Ingredients Poster, $20

See the rest of the posters & merch here!