Tunesday: Watsky – Hey, Asshole feat. Kate Nash

It’s everyone’s lucky day! I get to put the word “asshole” in your inbox (which brings me unbearable joy) and Watsky just released the video for a song he did with Kate Nash

If you’re not familiar with the San Francisco based hip hop artist – you’re about to be. Not only from this post you’re reading wherein you’re learning about “this San Francisco based hip hop artist” but also because my Official Prediction is that this song is going to get around, if you know what I mean. After all, eccentric indie rap is getting quite a name for itself (*cough* Macklemore & Ryan Lewis *cough*) and Watsky is about as individual as they come.


His voice and obvious intelligence reminds me of the great MC Paul Barman, whose excessively lewd lyrics fill me with delight, but Watsky’s genuine honesty and realistic point of view is a refreshing alternative to… what Paul Barman does.

Watsky’s self-titled, debut album hit its stride by making to #7 on the iTunes hip hop charts, and his forthcoming album, Cardboard Castles, is bound to shatter that. By mixing serious messages & situations with humor and witty interludes, Watsky will have you happily boppin’ down the street with a smile because you just counted the 172nd use of the word “assholeand got cheered up at the same time. Magic.

Hey, Asshole is a single off Watsky’s upcoming album, and features the gorgeous, talented Kate Nash. It comes across to me as an anthem for fighters, as I haven’t heard one person say that they didn’t personally relate to this tune, and the message that accompanies it is a truly positive one. All things I like. Plus profanity.

Kate Nash in Watsy's music video for Hey Asshole

The Emerson graduate (whose name is truly George Watsky – he even has a song about how he “doesn’t need a god damn MC name“) creates verses that can be described with lots of C-words: clear, clever, coherent, crafted, contagious… Cwick? Ok, maybe a bunch of C-words and one Q-word: quick. The pace at which this kid can speak clearly is astounding and entertaining. If you can keep up with him, I would implore you to consider a career in rap or auctioneering because skills like this shouldn’t be wasted on cubicle jobs.

Hey Asshole - Watsky feat. Kate Nash

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