Waiting On Martha (Coupon Code Inside!)

I think I may actually be one of the few eternally-broke girls who has never been a waitress. Have you seen the show, Two Broke Girls? Well, my patience threshold is about the same at Kat Dennings’ character, so even if I did have a wait job, I would probably lose it pretty quickly.

Personally, I would love to be Waiting On Martha, though… because the curator and blogger behind it, Mandy Kellogg Rye, has impeccable taste that leaves me wishing I was her next door neighbor. You know, so I could peer through her windows when she’s gone and steal all of her amazing design ideas. I could never invite her over, though, so we’d have to be “over-the-fence” friends otherwise she’d walk into my house and be like “Oh hey so you’re really creepy.”

Macaron Trinket Boxes from Waiting On Martha $10

Maracon Trinket Boxes, $8.50 each (w/o code: $10 each)

It would appear that I’m not the only one with this fantasy, as Mandy Kellogg Rye opened up ShopWaitingOnMartha.com to offer her aesthetic taste to her readers and other design-minded shoppers!

After spending four days bouncing around her site on a daily basis (not an exaggeration), I have come up with a pretty tightly curated wishlist based solely on her inventory. She seems to use a lot of extremely colorful motifs and themes – the closely to monochrome that I got was this adorable, white, “studded” Jonathan Adler frame. (I’m building an all-white bookshelf in my bedroom and want it to only have white accessories on it, so onto the wish list it goes!)

Speaking of Jonathan Adler – if you loved the Jonathan Adler Utopia Collection, you’ll be pleased to know that this Mr. & Mrs. Mug is nearly the same style, and better yet – it’s under $25.

Waiting On Martha whimsical animal plates

Whimsical Animal Platters, $24.65 (w/o code: $29)

15% off* Coupon Code: BEAUTIFUL15

* I’ve always wanted to write fine print! This stuff is pretty tame, though. The discount doesn’t apply to monogrammed items or sale items. Fortunately, it definitely applies to everything in the post! Code may be used for 10 days! From today, 1/11/2013 until 1/21/2013.

Click through for the rest of my wishlist!

Waiting On Martha Chalkboard planets

Chalkboard Planters, $24.65 (w/o code: $29)

Waiting On Martha Agate Bottle topper

Green Agate & Glass Bottle Stopper, $28.90 (w/o code: $34)


Colorful Agate Coaster Set, $57.80 (w/o code: $68)

How do you use color in your home?

Selectively? Abundantly? Fearfully? Share in the comments!

Did you find anything “soul-stirring” (Tim Gunn reference!) at Waiting On Martha?

Probably watching Netflix.

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