Want Want Want: Photographic Prints

Ever since I laid eyes on that skirt with the motel photo on it, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about photographic prints.

One of my… five majors in college was photography. It was actually the one I stuck with the longest – and that’s a true accomplishment. I am a bit flighty and glisteny-eyed when it comes to studying, but am completely alert and focused when it comes to extra-curricular activities. While I was only about 15 credits away from a photography degree, I still decided to pocket the knowledge and take off on my own adventures in Chicago. I never, ever lost my love for taking photos, and I still am snapping pics at events, and even doing my fair share of portrait photography for fun. [My older sister, Cleary, is an amazing photographer – I’d climb the highest mountain to get a line of clothes made from some of her prints!]

I’m starting to see them everywhere I go! And when I don’t see them, every boring pair of pants gets the imagination treatment, and I wonder what they’d look like in grass print or old radio dial.

Unfortunately, these prints are a bit tough to come by on a budget. Big name designers like Dries Van Noten, Christopher Kane and Tibi are all on board – and have been for a year or so – though, to the tune of hundreds of dollars. No, thanks.

How high-end designers are doing photographic prints:

Designer Photographic Prints (Click to enlarge.)

Clockwise, from top left:

Christopher Kane Split Back Top, $780
Hudson Nico Mid-Rise Printed Jeans, $218
Victoria Victoria Beckham Photo Print Dress, $1,050
MM6 by Maison Martin Margiela Photo Print Tee, $121.61
Tibi Daisies Wrap Shorts, $350
Dries Van Noten Photo Strip Silk Dress, $683

 Yeeeeeah, I’m gonna need you to mark down those prices by at least 90%… Thanks.

The good news is that fancy designers aren’t the only ones obsessed with combining photography and fashion – check out these [much more affordable] picks from some slightly more accessible retailers!

Affordable Photographic Prints

Clockwise from top left:

Cat Face Skater Dress from Topshop, $58
Lydia Butterfly Jeans from Buffalo David Bitton, $27.65
Panda Photo Cheeky Shorts from Topshop, $8
Cluny Mountain Fog Skirt, $34.24
Cesaw Tank by Patterson J. Kincaid, $58.80
Sungarden Scarf by Madewell, $48
Scene Print Maxi Skirt by River Island, $58.19

What photo would you put on fabric, and what would you make with it?

Probably watching Netflix.