White Hot Summer: $500 Giveaway with Boohoo!

Crisp white in summer… is there anything that makes you forget you’re poor better than dressing like an aristocrat?

Doesn’t white on white on white make you think of fancy parties in places that cost more to rent for a night than your entire year of rent? Well, it screams it, to me. There was tons of white on runways at fashion weeks around the world, and now that the sun is out, the motif is trickling down to the accessible retail level.

As you know, Boohoo.com and I are mega-buddies, so when they released their White Out style feature and asked if I wanted to do a giveaway – well, obviously I said YES!! But that saucy inventory wasn’t even was really got me excited about this collaboration…

It was the free $500.

$500 Giveaway from Boohoo.com

Broke & Beautiful is giving away $500 to spend at Boohoo.com!

Are there times that I wish I could enter my own giveaways? Sure. Are there times when I wish I could pretend the giveaway got stolen and hoard it all for myself? Um, obviously. But I’m a good person who wants to attract good things, so I’m going to do my best not to selfishly squander the extreme riches that Boohoo.com is offering us you. They’re offering it to you. I’M SORRY, I LIKE BUYING THINGS, OKAY?

White Out Boohoo

Now, just because there’s a major white craze going on doesn’t mean you have to take your $500 and buy 75 square yards worth of white clothes – of course not! You can get whatever you want… but white is probably a good choice. See all that stuff in the image above? That’s all Boohoo.com stuff – if you win, you could buy all of it and still have $150+ left over.

Don’t doubt my abilities to burn through cash, folks. I could go through that $500 in 15 minutes. Let me count the ways…

Boohoo.com Glamour White Out

Let’s say that you do want to white out your entire wardrobe with $500… You can! You totally can. You can use Boohoo.com’s cheat-sheet above, but I also picked some of my absolutely favorite whitey-whites to make $500 into dust:

Boohoo.com White Out Giveaway

All of that would cost you roughly sixteen dollars. And yes, I’m sure, because there is always free shipping to the US on orders over $25.

So who wants $500?

Time for some giveaway-entering!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Ends: 12:00am June 20, 2013!

*US Only, sorry world!

Probably watching Netflix.

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