Wild Soul Sunglasses: Philanthropic Retro-Modern Genius! [Review]

At one point, when I was still in middle school, I had a collection of sunglasses that was unmatched. I remember arranging them neatly and evenly on a shelf that spanned about 60 inches, placing them each about 3 inches apart, tidy & folded, and just admiring them in their bountiful glory. This ritual happened about once per month – before I wore every single pair within a few weeks and scattered them about the house in the process. (Sorry, parents.)

I had about 20 pairs, at my most obsessed. There were lavender-tinted wayfarers, the ever-so-popular bug-eye sunglasses from the mid-1990s, many vintage pairs picked up at thrift shops, and even a few fake glasses thrown in to round it out.

Eventually, I started developing a more permanent taste in shades, and my collection rapidly dwindled and disbanded. I went for years with a single-pair-of-sunglasses philosophy – mostly because I didn’t want to justify shelling out the dollars for a new pair just because I’d become bored with my current shades. But I’d be lying if I said it didn’t make me a little sad to have only one pair.

Wild Soul recently wrote to me and offered to let me check out a pair of their unique sunglasses. As you can imagine, I was on it like a rabid dog. Foaming at the mouth, slipping violently on my hardwood floor, etc. I was all over it.

wild soul lookbook 1

The hardest part was picking a style. They aren’t a sunglasses emporium by any means, they are a high-quality (but affordable) design-focused brand whose styles are as unique as their company’s business model. (More on that later.)

wild soul lookbook 2

Sunglasses from The Wild Soul

The four main styles are (clockwise from top left) Lion, Elephant, Rhino and Owl. Each style and design is inspired by an “enchanting, untamed” animal.

I love each of the styles for different reasons; they all seem to have a very distinct and loud voice – which I love. I like sunglasses to be bold and shades that blend in bore me. Wild Soul is a perfect match for my philosophy.

Oh, and did I mention they’re philanthropists?

Yeah, they are. And so are you.

With each purchase, you get to select one of nine different organizations to receive a portion of the proceeds! That’s right, Wild Soul donates 5% of every sale to an organization who needs it. Since each pair is squarely $100, that’s $5 per sale!

The nine organizations are organized into three categories:



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The Choice.

I had to make one. I went with the Owl frames in “Sand.”

Wild Soul Sunglasses - Owl

Wild Soul Sunglasses

These photos were taken during a particularly luxurious afternoon in my apartment’s living room. 

I’m absolutely enamored. Not only have I received compliments abound on these shades, but I feel like a half-villain, half-spy when I wear them. I’ve never had such round lenses before, but I love the dramatic shape! Thanks to the sand-y tan color, they look awesome with everything, but I particularly like how they look against a really loud lipstick. (I’m wearing Grappa by Borghese!)

Here’s a shot of these beauties in less oh my gosh direct sunlight:

Wild Soul Sunglasses - Owl in Sand

Wild Soul Sunglasses - Owl in Sand

Wild Soul Sunglasses - Owl in Sand

Check it out: TheWildSoul.com

Broke & Beautiful Instagram with WIld Sul Sunglasses

The sneak-peek I put on my Instagram last week. (Follow me! @TheMissile)

Click here for a bonus birthday picture of these shades, from B&B’s Facebook!