Would You Wear: Above the Knuckle Rings?

Above knuckle rings, also called top knuckle rings or midi rings or first knuckle rings, have started to pick up speed in recent months. I see more boutique owners, fashion bloggers, and generally stylish humans rocking a small, minimalist ring on their upper fingers – often stacked with others.

At first, I kind of thought it was… absolutely ridiculous. Yeah, I wasn’t a fan. If your rings don’t fit, don’t wear them! What happens when you have to throw something in the trash bin and hundreds of dollars in semi-precious metals fly off your hand? Fingers: they’re tapered. At least with conventional rings, you have a knuckle or two to help with security. These upper-knuckle rings – they’re just flirting with disaster. Plus, when they’re too small & tight, it looks like your fingers are getting suffocated! Digital murder! Not very fashionable.

Top knuckle rings by Style Limelight

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…But then I saw a lot of these things, and they – like every other trend I loathe – started to grow on me. I even went so far as to try it with a ring I found under my kitchen cabinets when I moved into my apartment. It looked atrocious because it was a thick, clunky band, and I quickly learned that if you’re going to do this trend, that shit has to be dainty.

The rings have to look like they were made with lighter material because the area is smaller, and in situations like the above, if you’re wearing 9 rings and not trying to look like an Elton John impersonator, keep the hand-size to ring-weight ratio in balance.

 Would you wear above the knuckle rings?

My verdict: Yeah, I’m into it. I’ve made a complete 180 from my original opinion and I’m okay with that. There’s no shame in my trend-digging game.

Here are some steals from the glamorous world of online shopping!

Above The Knuckle Rings $20 & Under

1. SunaharA Beaded Knuckle Ring in Silver, $10.95
2. SunaharA Thin Midi Knuckle Ring in Gold, $15.95
3. SunaharA Beaded Knuckle Ring in Copper, $7.95
4. VSNXTA Stackable Knuckle Ring Set D, $20
5. VSNXTA Stackable Knuckle Ring Set B, $18

There are a few really beautiful (and a bit more ornate) rings at Nordstrom:

Midi Rings over $20

L-R: Ariella Collection Bird Ring, $24; Stephan & Co. Cross Midi Ring, $8; Ariella Collection Bow Ring, $24

If indie designers are more your thing, you’ll find tons of these on Etsy and the prices are some of the best on the ‘net. I put my favorites in a Treasury!

DIY Knuckle Rings

It also seems like it’d be pretty easy to make your own above the knuckle rings, so I dug up some hand DIYs!

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Would you rock this unusual accessory?

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  • I honestly find my own normal ring annoying enough that I couldn’t deal with the midi ring trend.

    • Haha, that’s totally fair! I have worn the same rings non-stop for the last 16 years (that sounds gross but I know it’s not) so I am desensitized. I still fear the “flinging” with midi rings, though!

  • We were just talking about these today!! As long as they wouldn’t slip off easily, they seem super cool and kind of edgy! Do you feel like they often fall off your fingers? http://www.StingyStyle.net

  • Delilah Sweets

    The ones I got at Forever 21 were $1.80 a piece.

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  • Eile Ænor

    I wear a bent-out-of-shape child’s gold claddagh that I got second-hand on my little finger. It’s really surprising how well it fits and I like how different it looks.