Would You Wear: Crop Tops?

I honestly haven’t been paying too much attention to the resurgence of crop tops because a) I hoped that they’d go away and b) I just expect everyone to wear them in ways that are boring.

Way #1: Put sheer or lacy crop top over colorful bra. Pair with tiny shorts, look smug.
Way #2: Wear with 5″ heels and tiny shorts, look lost.
Way #3: Wear with heels, thigh highs and tiny shorts, look drunk.
Way #4: Wear with maxi skirt, look sloppy.

These are all super boring, to me. The front image on Lookbook.nu right now is a fringed crop top with tiny hotpants. What is this? The formulaic fashion movement is so completely uninteresting to me. Fortunately, I love Lookbook as much as I loathe it, for it shows me chicks (and dudes, but that’s for another post) who are thinking outside of the Fashion Box and making some very cool styles with their crop tops.

Would you wear crop tops?

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Seeing crop tops executed on top of contemporary high-waisted pants, shirts and shorts has really breathed new life into the previously embarrasing, that-had-to-have-been-a-mistake crop top trend.

Crop tops, for me, are a definite no. The way my body works would leave me looking like a bad Cathy cartoon and it would just be a bad situation, overall… and I think I am not alone in that boat. For funsies, let’s take a poll, shall we?

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  • I was literally laughing out loud by way #2. Fabulous post!

    xx Kait

  • I am hoping they go away soon too. It sucks finding cute tops that… oh wait, it’s a crop top.

  • Ava

    I’m looking for a top that it’s terribly short, but still has the cute and flowy style that crop tops do. But honestly, not everyone wants to see your stomach, ladies. Have some modesty.