Would You Wear: Skorts?

The word, alone, strikes fear and unfortunate memories within the minds of 80s & 90s kids everywhere.


Ew, just looking at it hurts! Some reluctant fans have insisted on calling them “skirt-shorts,” as if that prevents the vulgar, mutated image from forming in everyone’s mind. Half skirt, half shorts, and 100% uncool last time they left the fashion stage – which we proudly filled with much more awesome things like platform flip-flops and Von Dutch hats. The hierarchy of “cool” is clear.

ZARA Origami Skorts

Nevertheless, they’ve returned and done so with a vengeance. Remember when I called out these shorts as “going to be everywhere this summer(a phrase I wish I’d never used, for the record)? Well, not only was I sooo right, but I missed a huge opportunity to make some freaking money! Why didn’t I start a pool?

(I feel that it’s important to note the back-view of these babies.)

ZARA Origami Skorts (back view)

Okay, I know it sounds like absolutely hate the idea, concept and practice of skorts in modern society – I know. But as you can see, I’ve posted about them multiple times, so we can all agree that there is a sick fascination here that can’t be denied. They look comfortable and interesting! Those are my two favorite things, but I’m just not sure if I accept my perfect combination has manifested in the form of skorts.

The thing about this skort renaissance is that… well, they’re all wearing the same skorts. 90% of people who are wearing skorts right now are wearing this exact pair from ZARA in one of several colors. I’m not sure if that constitutes a full-on revival, or if it just means ZARA did a good job selling something obscure. Either way, it’s relevant now and I am nosy, so I want to know if you’d rock a pair of skirt-shorts. Skorts. Whatever.

Would you wear skorts?

Probably watching Netflix.