WYW: Ombré Jeans?

There are not many trends that start with hair and move to… denim. Ombré jeans are one of the few that fit such a pattern, and I’m on the fence about my feelings towards them.

Love Blair Ombre Jeans

Source: Love Blair

I like how bold and almost graphic they are – but will I feel this way in six months? A year? I’m not sure. Ombré has been around for a while, and when I get bored of something, I don’t want to see it again for at least three years. Dropping a few bucks on a pair of jeans might be no big deal for someone with a stable financial anything, but for me, it has to be really worth it.

Light Ombre Jeans

Source: Aline K.

On the plus side, they are one of those statement pieces that allow you to just pair it with basics and look amazing. AKA The Lazy Fashionista’s (ew that word) best friend. Add something graphic – looks good. Something feminine – looks good. Something leather & dominatrix-y – looks really good. If there’s one thing I can say about ’em, it’s that they’re definitely bold and versatile. Add “comfortable” and you’ve the Holy Trinity of Lindsay’s Fashion Philosophy.

Would you wear ombré jeans?

Get a closer look at some ombré denim:

Ombre Denim JeansL-R: Cheap Monday Second Skin Faded Skinny Jean, $54; Fade To Blue Ombré Skinny Jeans, $57.85; Jag Amelia Jeans in Nutty, $31.36; 917 Ombré Skinny Jeans, $29.99; Jag Amelia Jeans in Black, $31.36

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