WYW: Shirts With Words On Them?

I’ve been seeing more of these lately, have you? I remember when it was way cool to have a shirt with a message on it – my personal favorite from junior high school was definitely my “SuperFreak” t-shirt, completely with Superman-esque logo (I was pretty cool, you guys) – and it appears that this style of tee fell into the cyclical fashion vortex, because it’s back again, and in demand!

Ooh La La Sweater

Maybe it’s related to the rise of irony, yes? Couple irony with minimalist design, and you’ve got floating letter-patterned fashion. You know, the find-single-object-and-make-it-into-a-pattern thing? We’ve had tights with words on them, shorts with letters on them – doesn’t it make sense that the shirt, the most basic of all basics, be adorned with words, too? I’m actually pretty disappointed that I haven’t found a cream, knit sweater with black letters all over it. I would snap that up in a heartbeat! (Excuse for a DIY project, y/y?)

Would you wear shirts with words on them?

The t-shirt at the top of this post is the Shiny Message T-shirt from Mango, $19.99.

Probably watching Netflix.

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