Dedicated: 10 Reasons You Should Never Buy a Replica

There are many people who choose to purchase a replica watch instead of the original product. This is something I do not advise you to do and below you will find 10 reasons that support my opinion.

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1. It affects your reputation

People who wear fake watches are never taken seriously. Just by wearing a fake you can irreversible damage your reputation. No matter how good the replica is, someone will eventually tell that it is a fake and the word will spread faster than you can imagine. Finally, people will start considering you as fake as your replica.

2. Replica watches are easy to spot

There are numerous watch experts who say that a poor quality fake can be spotted at more than 20 feet away. There are so many small details that differentiate a low quality replica from the original watch, that almost anyone can recognize a fake when he sees it.

3. No one will be impressed

Just by reading the two reasons mentioned above you can understand why no one will be impressed by your replica. There are people who can afford the original one and there are people who don’t. If you can’t afford the real thing then no one will ever believe that somehow, overnight, you came up with the money to buy the authentic watch. If you show up wearing an expensive timepiece, no one will be impressed. Instead, they will be very suspicious about its authenticity.

4. A fake watch has no value

It is your money, no matter if we are talking about large sums or small ones. So why would you want to spend it on something without value? A replica watch isn’t worth anything once you have it. It is an object that no one will ever want to have anything to do with.

5. Replicas break very easily

A fake watch will never last very long. Usually, after a couple of weeks or months, if you are really lucky, the replica will break. This is due to the poor quality materials used for making the watches. Also, the inside movement is very cheap and has many flaws. It does not keep good time and it usually is the first thing that breaks on a fake. Do not even think about repairing the defective knockoff because no one will want to touch it. Jewelers will either refuse to repair it or just confiscate it. In the end, you will lose the money you have spent on the watch.

6. It does not keep good time

All replica watches have one thing in common: they lack precision. The mechanism that comes with a fake watch is of very poor quality; hence it doesn’t keep accurate time. The purpose of a timepiece is to tell correct time. If it can’t do this than what use does it have?

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7. Low functionality

Fake watches do not have the same functions as the original ones. Most of them, just tell time while the small chronographs and other features are just for show. This is because the original mechanisms are very complicated, true works of art that cost a fortune to make. These can be constructed only by true horological craftsmen. No replica watch will ever have a mechanism even remotely close to the complexity and high functionality of the original ones.

8. Poor quality materials

The materials used on the original watches are very expensive and bring an extra comfort to the person who wears such a watch. For example, there are timepieces that have a cerachrom bezel, a non-allergic band, or 18 k full gold band adorned with real diamonds. Of course, on replicas these materials are not available so the watch will be instantly spotted as what it really is: a poor quality fake.

9. Buying Fake Watches is Illegal

Just by buying a replica watch you support illegal activities. Purchasing such a product motivates replica manufacturers to keep making these illegal watches. The original companies are very involved in fighting counterfeiting and you could very well be legally punished for your actions.

10. Complex of Inferiority

Even though you may feel good about the fact that you did not spend much on the replica, you will still feel dissatisfied with the looks of the knockoff. It will never be as you expected and this will slowly get to you. You will feel shame when wearing it among other people and you will always be afraid that someone will eventually criticize you for wearing a replica.

Instead of buying a fake watch you should save some money and buy an original timepiece that is more affordable. You do not have to wear a Rolex, Omega or Audemars Piguet in order to feel good and look classy. Instead, you can try a brand like Fossil, Seizo, Citizen or Azad.