A List of Jackets

Shoes have always been my favorite part of fashion, ever since I was a teenager. At the height of my collection, I believe I had somewhere around 42 pairs, total. I was rinsing my bank account out bi-weekly, and had a lot of footwear to show for it (but also a lot of late rent and past due bills). Growing up sucks, but at least you still get shoes.

These days, I’m gravitating towards jackets a lot. I’ve never specifically noted a love for them, but looking back on my life’s purchases (and various closets), I see that I actually have had a pattern of coat-collecting that I wasn’t even aware of. Not jackets, but coats. The things you wear when it’s cold, not the things that instantly make whatever you’re wearing look 100x better.

My coat collection currently consists of: a pink trench coat, a blue trench coat, a white wool car coat, a burgundy fur coat, a black pea coat, and a green motorcycle jacket. That’s a lot of coats.

My jacket collection consists of: A black blazer and… Welp. That’s it.

What happens when spring comes, and none of my wool or trench coats fit the bonkers Seattle weather? How will I make wearing band t-shirts look fashionable? One blazer? Nope, that’s not gonna work.

Aside from this delicious motorcycle jacket from last week’s Daily Deal (it’s still on sale and available, by the way!) (and actually, so is this one), I have amassed quite the list of “I’m gonna need that thanks”-level jacket-yearnings. Completely affordable… unless you buy them all, which is exactly what I want and cannot do.

Boohoo Studded Shoulder Jacket

Boohoo Francesca Studded Shoulder Peplum Jacket
I have actually featured this jacket before due to its beautiful structure. The spikes at the shoulder remind me of epaulettes, and make the otherwise-equestrian shape of the jacket a little less horses and a little more cavalry. It comes in this inky black, as well as a dark red and really pretty taupe color.

Mossimo Tweed Motorcycle Jacket

Mossimo Tweed Moto Blazer
This is the coolest jacket because it’s half church lady and half biker chick. The tweed is really sophisticated, and the hardware is really nice and chromatic, which make it a pretty classy thing to wear, but the oversize lapels and the bold zippers make it badass.

ASOS Velvet Kimono Blazer

ASOS Velvet Kimono Jacket
Forgive me, I couldn’t complete this list without adding a kimono jacket because I am thoroughly obsessed with them. I have a thing for really billowy jackets, and this teal blue velvet totally enraptured me. They’re so easy to wear over a tank top (I like them particularly over lace chemises), and they are so beautiful when they move! Makes you feel like a pretty, baroque jellyfish. (This one is $60 off, too!)

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Levis Faux Leather Moto Jacket

Levi’s Faux Leather Motorcycle Jacket
I know I said that I already had a motorcycle jacket… but this one is red! And faux leather! I don’t have one like that, and I can’t remember a year in the last ten that I didn’t want a red leather jacket. This one is definitely heavy on the moto side of motorcycle jackets, but the zippers on the sleeves captured my heart.

Merona Velvet Blazer

Merona Velvet Blazer
My last jacket wish list item is a blue velvet blazer, just in case this hasn’t been enough of an ostentatious onslaught for you. There’s something about a velvet blazer that is just so sleazy, but so luxurious at the same time. It’s easy to make it look gaudy, so my plan would be to wear it with ultra-casual pieces like worn-in t-shirts and neutral tones.

A girl can dream. Some of the sales are killing me right now (the discount on that kimono jacket is especially painful), but I foresee a slow accumulation of jackets in my near future. Hopefully, it includes all five of these!