ADD: $10 Sunglasses from River Island

I couldn’t pick one pair of sunglasses out of River Island‘s clearance section, so since they’re all the same price*, I figured that I should just dump them all into one post and then swim around in them like Scrooge McDuck.

* Okay, okay, some are only $8. Forgive me.

Daily Deal: $10 Sunglasses from River Island


Top to bottom: Light Pink Metal Trim Sunglasses, Silver Tone Oversized Sunglasses, White Polka Dot Round Sunglasses  

I like all the purple-ish lenses! There are a surprising number of shapes and styles available, and they cover a lot of bases when it comes to statement sunglasses! Aviator, granny-style (I don’t know what else to call it, the middle pair above!), wayfarer, weird… They’ve got it all. Many of them were originally $30, so $10 is a killer price.

Daily Deal: $10 Sunglasses from River Island


Top to bottom: Navy Blue Polka Dot Sunglasses, Brown Tortoiseshell Cat Eye Sunglasses, Brown Wooden Stripe Star Sunglasses  

A nice little mid-summer steal to uplift your week! I’m gravitating towards the clear wood grain pair (very bottom) and the wire-y grandma glasses (middle top). Those polka dots are pretty damn charming, though! Can my only job today be figuring out which I like more?

Check it out!: River Island Clearance Sunglasses, $8-$10