(A)DD: A Little Linen from Kohl’s

This weekend, I spent a lot of time in the stupid hot sun on a mini-vacation. We’re in the thick of our pretend summer  in the Pacific Northwest, and every year, it gets a little longer. Right now, our icy dispositions are staring down the barrel of 7+ days of 85+ weather. If the rest of the country could stifle their laughter, I could tell you how we aren’t built for this type of heat. We have a delicate melting point and get cranky when it hits the high 70s, so the mid-80s are just a big ol’ babyfest.

Almost every day during my vacation, we were forced to find a body of water to jump in. All weekend, I was confined to my poorly-packed suitcase, which consisted of my favorite charcoal grey skinny jeans, some maroon waxed jeans, and a friggin’ pair of sweat pants. I packed some t-shirts – all of which had 2 too many sleeves, and I wished that I’d just packed everything I owned that was made from linen.

Unfortunately, that’s a tank top and an embarrassing pair of oversized linen pants. A clear void in my wardrobe has been revealed.

Additionally, I’m getting bored of only throwing one item in the (A)Daily Deal, so here are a bunch of way affordable linen clothes that I should have taken on my vacation:

Rock & Republic Linen Blend Tank

Rock & Republic Linen Blend Tank, was $40 now $24
The front of this tank is really simple (and excellent) so I figured I’d show you the back. The leather accents appear on the front, as well, and the cool, futuristic cut-out back is definitely an eye-catcher. Linen & leather are an awesome combination!

LC Lauren Conrad Lace & Linen Top

LC Lauren Conrad Lace & Linen Top,  was $40 now $16
Another cool combination: linen & lace! This top has sleeves (ew, sticky) but it’s so sheer and airy that I couldn’t resist adding it to my wishlist. The blush color compliments both fabrics really well.

Jennifer Lopez Linen Blend Sweater

Jennifer Lopez Linen Blend Sweater, was $54 now $5.40
This sweater is so feather-light that it’s irresistible. Summer nights get a little chilly and this would be a great layering pieces. The uneven hem is really attractive, as well, and there is a great keyhole cutout in the back. (Also, um, that price?!)

Just sitting here, I can almost feel the way air moves through linen… A welcome feeling in this oppressive, not-as-bad-as-your-state’s-but-still-uncomfortable heat.

What’s your favorite thing to wear when the weather’s too damn hot?