(A)DD: Abelie T-Shirt Maxi Dress

While looking for winter-friendly dresses (can hide leggings under, can wear sweater over, etc.), I came across the most relaxed, carefree-looking dress I’ve possibly ever seen. A t-shirt maxi dress that makes your sleeveless maxi dress look stuffy.

Abelie T Shirt Maxi Dress

A little Grecian, but mostly just really comfortable, laid back, and roomy. The belt at the waist definitely helps give it a “styled” feel, even though it’s pretty much the least you could do to dress this up. That neckline would be an excellent place for a big, showy necklace, though!

Check it out!: Abelie T-Shirt Maxi Dress, was $28.48 now $18.98 at MissGuided

This also happens to be one of the only shades of pink that I will buy without hesitation. There’s something about pink that can be so nice and feminine, but with too much volume can be really obnoxious and extra from Legally Blonde – a look I am constantly trying to avoid. Not with this dusty, light pink, though! Nice and safe to pair with motorcycle jackets or boots.

Lindsay Ginn

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