(A)DD: Angie Floral Sundress

Ok, ok, I know we’re getting into September and the word “sundress” is becoming more of a taunt about the ending of summer than anything else, but this sundress is different!

Daily Deal: Angie Floral Sundress

This is such an easy dress shape to wear, and I extra love the dark teal satin piping because it makes it easier to transition into fall wardrobes. 

But anyway, this sundress is better than a regular sundress. Thanks to the great color palette and the high-contrast details, adding a pair of tights and some boots to this is pretty much all you need to do to take this “sundress” into an “autumn-appropriate¬†dress.

Sidenote: You can fix pretty much anything with tights and/or boots.

Check it out!: Angie Floral Sundress, was $56.99 now $24.97 at Nordstrom Rack

The floral is more of an abstract print, too, so if you’re not a person who wears a lot of flowers (*waves* Hi.), it won’t make you feel like you’re crammed into an Easter dress against your will (which I’m pretty sure is the only way one is crammed into an Easter dress).

Lindsay Ginn

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