(A)DD: Anthropologie Tinted Lip Treatment

Man, Anthropologie is really, really good at taking product photos.

Anthropologie Lip Treatment

Who doesn’t swatch their lip balm on papyrus? Yeah, it’s as twee as Little House on the Pinterest, but who can resist that texture or those colors?

Speaking of colors, there are a total of four available in this nourishing, tinted lip treatment. Seeing that one of the options was a deep, beautiful teal intrigued-slash-frightened me until I realized that it was more descriptive of surface artist Kendra Dandy’s stunning package design.

Anthropologie Lip Treatment Kendra Dandy

I am a fan of tinted lip balms, whether they’re sheer or bold. This tinted lip treatment goes on sheer, but is full of natural ingredients that are great for your skin:

  • Avocado oil – one of the best ingredients for cosmetic use because it helps prevent moisture loss, naturally, with a boost of antioxidants
  • Castor Seed oil – when this is added to cosmetics, it can produce a water-shielding effect that can keep moisture in your skin
  • Beeswax – this renders the product not vegan, but it does give the treatment a nice thickness to hold the other ingredients together which helps the lip treatment go on smoothly
  • Meadowfoam – oil expressed from the seeds of a really beautifully flowering plant which acts as an emollient while also conditioning your skin (this stuff is also great in hair products for the same reason)
  • Sunflower Seed oil – helps reduce the appearance of dry skin and reduces flakiness, it also helps reduce inflammation!

Sounds like a bunch of hippy nonsense but it’s actually a moisture cocktail for your mouth! The fact that it adds a little tint is icing on a very moist cake. Nope, I don’t even like “moist” in the context of cake, sorry I wrote it twice, let’s move on.

Anthropologie Lip Treatments

So aside from the beautiful packaging, you have a highly nourishing lip treatment that adds just enough of a tint to your lips for it to brighten things up a little bit.

Check it out!: Tinted Lip Treatment, $12 at Anthropologie

Probably watching Netflix.

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