(A)DD: BeLissPRO Compact Comb Set

This definitely falls into the category of “things I didn’t know I needed until I saw them.”

I have one hair brush, really. It’s a nice hair brush, but it doesn’t cover all the bases when it comes to styling. It doesn’t tease as well as a proper teasing comb, it can’t part my hair with its wide, obtuse bristles, and it definitely can’t help me in hair dying situations. I need combs.

But how does one learn the right combs to obtain? I developed early in a lot of ways, but when it came to learning how to do my hair and makeup – I was way stunted. I was a tomboy until I was about 22, which is not-coincidentally right around the same time I started Broke & Beautiful. Unfortunately, writing a blog doesn’t mean you know how to do anything, it just means you’re down to publicly humiliate yourself while you learn! Luckily, Sally Beauty Supply comes to the rescue (as it has and will continue to for many, many years).

Sally Beauty Supply Comb Set

Combs also seem to be one of those products that the universe likes to steal from you throughout your life. Like socks. Where the hell do they go? No one knows, but they’re definitely gone. The fact that these 5 combs come with a carrying (hiding) case makes me extra comfortable with the idea of buying something I have no idea how to buy. HOW DO YOU COMBS?

The two combs on the left are the ones I’m most excited about. These make parting and partitioning into a complete breeze. Especially when you’ve been working with your pinkie and/or your eyeshadow brush and/or your toothbrush handle to part your hair. No judgement. Plus, the comb side of those two combs is good, too! Particularly for teasing dirty hair, but also for smoothing.

The rest of the combs vary in tooth distance and width, and each are great for their own purpose. The wide comb would be nice for working with wet hair & detangling!

Check it out!: BeLissPRO Comb Set, was $19.99 now $14.99 at Sally Beauty

If you know a thing or two about combs and want to know exactly what this kit contains, here are the specs:

  • 8” Barber Comb
  • 8¾” Sectioning Barber Comb
  • 8” All Purpose Sectioning Comb
  • 8¾” Sectioning Dressing Comb
  • 9½” Fine-Tooth Pintail Comb
  • 9½” Wide-Tooth Pintail Comb