(A)DD: BIA Cordon Bleu Elephant Tea Pot

I have a goal this winter to drink more tea than coffee. I’m not sure it will happen, given the presence and existence of the Godfather of winter coffee drinks: the peppermint mocha. I’ll try to at least drink more tea. Trying to outrun coffee might be a bit of a lofty goal for the girl with an espresso machine on her dresser.

Daily Deal: BIA Cordon Bleu Elephant Tea PotI have managed to start collecting Tea pots, though! I once went to a tea tasting that had set out a beautiful table with several different, unique tea pots containing different, steeping teas. It was very Mad Hatter and made me feel like I was having a very special experience – even if it was just tea in a random shop in Ballard!

This elephant-shaped tea pot would be a cute addition to my growing collection. Right now, I have a cast iron tea pot that is small – holds about 4 cups worth of tea – and it would be a really nice contrast with this clean, white design. Besides, I feel like elephant-shaped tea pots are kind of a new classic, like the milk-pouring cow pitcher, right?

Daily Deal: BIA Cordon Bleu Elephant Tea Pot

This little tea pot is only 6″ tall and 9″ in length! The fact that it’s made from porcelain not only makes it heirloom-worthy, but also means it’ll retain heat  like a dream. Nothing is worse than pouring yourself a cup of tea only to find that it became iced tea without your knowledge or permission!

You can put it in the dishwasher and microwave, too. This is a hearty little elephant! You’ll have to find some amazing mugs or teacups to pair with this for your next stylish tea party

Mobili-tea Mobile Tea Party with JCPenney

Broke Babes from 2011’s Mobili-tea Mobile Tea Party series, photographed by yours truly! 

Check it out!: BIA Cordon Bleu Porcelain Elephant Tea Pot, was $19.99 now $15.99 at 6pm

  • OMG this is darling. I want it!

    • Pretty stinking cute, right?! I’m afraid this is going to start a teapot chain. I don’t have the space for the number of teapots I want!