(A)DD: Choies Beige Draped Coat

Draping is a magical thing. It can be done so poorly and still not look that different than draping that’s been done really well. It’s all in the details.

Daily Deal: Beige Draped Coat from ChoiesThe women of the world don’t have enough light-colored coats. For that matter, neither do the rest of the gender spectrum. We should all resolve to own more cream-colored coats, and wear them in fall and winter, specifically. It makes it more magical both to see on other people and, let’s be honest, wearing a white coat makes you feel like Grace Kelly or Glenda the Good Witch, right? It’s powerful and, at the same time, really feminine.

The draping on this is really forgiving in the sense that the fabric it’s made with falls nicely on the body pretty much no matter what. It’s that crepe type fabric that looks luscious and silky, but is really lightweight.

On top of having loads of visual interest, including gathered sleeves with a button and tab, it has pockets! I love functionality on pieces that seem like they’d err on the side of aesthetics. The sleeves are nice and wide, too, and I can help but wonder what a long-sleeved, thin sweater would look like peeking out from underneath. Maybe in a dark color for good contrast?

Check it out!: Beige Draped Coat with Half Sleeves, reg. $28.99 now $24.99 at Choies

Choies has integrated a cool new feature on their product pages that shows photos of customers wearing whatever garment you’re looking at! This answers so many questions about fit, styling, and general appearance. When you’re shopping online, every little bit of info helps.

Daily Deal: Choies Beige Draped Coat

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