(A)DD: Crosley Amplitone Headphones

It’s always a little scary when my headphone addiction rears its ugly head. Life can go from zero to full shopping cart in 5 minutes, so I have to be careful.

Now that it’s the middle-ish-end of summer, I’m thinking about fall – my favorite season. Fall, for me, means a lot of walking in warm boots and breaking out my wool coat and scarves for daily errands. Did you know that, if running errands by foot, you cannot possibly leave the house without headphones or you will literally get nothing done? It’s a weird, little-known fact, but the numbers speak for themselves.

Crosley Amplitone Headphones

Every time I see something I love online and see that it’s from One Kings Lane, I kind of groan a bit because I know that, next to this product, there are going to be a zillion other products that I didn’t know that I wanted and needed. I can get lost on One Kings Lane for hours, so the fact that I’m sourcing today’s (Almost) Daily Deal from them is really brave of me.

These headphones come courtesy of Crosley, the company who makes the vast majority of modern vintage record players that I want. And need.

Crosley’s reputation for sound quality is high, and considering that these retail for only $30 already, the $21 price tag at One Kings Lane makes this an absolute steal.

Daily Deal: Crosley Modern Vintage Amplitone Headphones

These headphones, available in 5 high-pigment colors (pink isn’t pictured in this post), have a nice vintage feel without the let’sbehonest discomfort that many old headphones can cause. Plus, you know, all that technology and delicious sound-makin’ voodoo. I also love that the cord matches the color of the headphones. You don’t see that much, but it’s an awesome little detail!

Check it out!: Crosley Amplitone Headphones, $21.95 at One Kings Lane

If you love Crosley as much as I do, check out the rest of their discounted portable music amplifiers! 

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