ADD: Design History Colorblock Lace Tank

Yeah, ADD: (Almost) Daily Deal. We all know it’s true, let’s not beat around the bush – I have DD ADD. I know you guys, and I know you can count and know how numbers work, so when you click on the button arrogantly marked “DAILY DEAL,” you’re probably able to see that there are definitely some numbers missing.

So. Yeah. Daily Deal on my face, a big disgrace, let’s look at this cute top.

Perfect for this crazy-beautiful weather, and perfect to transition into fall and winter later, when the temperatures outside makes you want to drink: this Design History tank.

Daily Deal: Design History Color Block Lace Tank

Grey and pink are always an awesome, low-key combination that can add a pretty, feminine, muted quality to a tough outfit. I happen to think that these colors are particularly good with faux leather clothing and whatnot, but that’s just me. All day, every day. Forever.

As much as I fell in love with the front, the back made my eyes cross with glee, if that’s a thing that eyes can do.

Daily Deal: Design History Color Block Lace Tank: Back

Rear view alert! Split hem, panelled, cutout, sheer. Um, yum?! That sounds (and looks) delicious.

Thank goodness for the minimalism that was executed in the design of this shirt, because that many garment-related adjectives could easily result in what we lovingly refer to as a trend clusterf*ck. Thankfully, this is completely wearable and doesn’t scream “am I doing it right yet, everyone?”

Check it out!: Design History Colorblock Lace Tank, $23.40 at Last Call Neiman Marcus


Probably watching Netflix.