(A)DD: Dex Wood Print Jersey Leggings

I can tell that I’m teetering on the edge of killing the magic of fall for all of you by posting everything but the Pumpkin Spice Latte when it comes to autumnal imagery. I can’t help it, I am sorry. But not really that sorry, because I’m not stopping! Ha!

I get more excited about dressing for fall than for any other month. Can you blame me, though? Jackets come out, pants and boots are a thing again, and you get to break out the rare accessories like scarves and gloves.

On top of that, fall historically has the best color palette associated with it: jewel tones and rich, orange-soaked reds? Yes, please! It’s easy to look like a Coldwater Creek or Eddie Bauer catalogue, though, which is why I get excited when I see these beautiful fall themes executed in an interesting, beautiful way.

Dex Wood Print LeggingsThese leggings are covered in abstract patterns that mostly look like crunchy, crispy fall leaves speckled with dusty orange flowers and peeks of cobalt blue.

People seem to be confused about leggings. One of the questions I get most frequently after spewing “I am a fashion blogger”: What do I wear with leggings?

Don’t feel dumb – it’s clearly a common issue. The short answer for these leggings is this: Something solid-colored – I’d opt for black because I’m moderately boring, and it allows the leggings to stand out. If it covers your butt, you’re good to go! I like to shark around the pajama section to see if there are any pajamas or sleep tops that would be great with leggings.


Check it out!: Dex Woods Print Leggings, were $49 now $24.57 at Last Call Neiman Marcus

As far as shoes, I think that some cream-colored socks peeking out of pretty much any kind of brown boot would look utterly cozy. I also don’t mind the way that the model is wearing them. A minimalist shoe is another way to allow the pattern to be the focal point.


Probably watching Netflix.

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  • October 8, 2014 at 9:09 pm

    These are crazy awesome, but I have trouble moving beyond the leggings-under-dress thing. Mostly it’s because I can hear Blair Waldorf screaming “leggings are not pants” in my head.

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