ADD: Evelyn K Bird Branch Scarf

Coincidentally, scarves seem to have as many applications during the summertime as they do in the wintertime… The only major difference lays in the fabric weight. Winter is better for wool and heavy knits, and summer is a great time for light, airy fabrics.

Daily Deal: Evelyn K. Bird Branch Scarf

My scarf collection is small because I’m really picky. I don’t get enchanted by plaid or patterns, but I can’t resist a really unique print, like this one by Evelyn K.

Obviously the pattern is asymmetrical, which is cool, but what I really love about this scarf is the design, itself.

Daily Deal: Evelyn K. Bird Branch Scarf

It might be a cliché Pacific Northwestern trend to “put a bird on it” and even more cliché to mention it in a post about scarves with birds on them, but the appeal is strong, nevertheless. I like all of the haphazard lines that are given context and reason for being after a smattering of bird silhouettes are added. I’ve got nothing against birds, or tree-like squiggles.

Check it out!: Eveyln K. Bird Branch Scarf, $18.76 at Nordstrom

Probably watching Netflix.

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