ADD: Floral Newsprint Skater Skirt

Despite the fact that I rarely wear bright colors, much less together, I always have a soft spot for pastels when they’re used in really graphically interesting applications. Take, for example, this multi-colored skater skirt from Choies:

Almost Daily Deal: Choies Floral Newsprint Skater SkirtPart wallpaper, part rug, part old couch. Sounds enchanting.

But really… It has a very cool effect, don’t you think? It’s obviously floral, but it looks as though a basic (read: boring) floral pattern was put through a copy machine… a few times. Then, once it was over-exposed and disintegrated a little bit, someone took a paintbrush and just added some watercolors to the flowers.

Now, I’m no expert, but I’m fairly sure that’s not how fabric is made, but I fully support whatever method was used to produce this excellent pattern! It’s very modern and very old-fashioned at the same time. A nice contrast, as usual!

Check it out!: Multicolor Floral Skater Skirt, $23.39 at Choies